Synopsis The Raid Movie

Latest movie reviews on this blog will discuss about successful film won several international awards, including The Raid. Films directed by Gareth Huw Evans also involves top-tier musicians Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park, one of the personnel and Joseph Trapanese is a talented composer who did Walt Disney movie Tron: Legacy (2010).

Genre action/action Film tells the story of a journey of 20-Member forces in pursuing the Mission of capturing the draconian named TAMA airport locations in a building 30 floors are untouched apparatus. The building also housed the killers, rapist, and the thief took refuge in search of somewhere to stay safe.

SWAT team to start its mission in the morning blind with quietly penetrated into the building and controlling each floor they climb, but the catastrophe happened when they were spotted by lookouts and assault they eventually TAMA was dismantled. From his penthouse suite, TAMA instructs his men to lock the apartment building and the lights and shut down all access to exit the building.

They (SWAT teams) stuck on the floor 6 without communication and is attacked by the inhabitants of the apartment that was ordered by TAMA. They’ll have to fight through each floor and each room to complete their mission of capturing King Airport drugs in the building. In addition to complete a mission, they are also struggling to remain alive.


The Cast Of The Film The Raid:

Ray Sahetapi as Tama “Drug King Airport”

Yayan Ruhian as Mad Dog “right hand Tama”

Pierre Gruno as Wahyu “Captain of the SWAT team”

Joe Taslim as members of SWAT teams

Ananda George as a member of the SWAT team

Verdi Solaiman as members of SWAT teams


According to the Director and screenwriter of The Raid, Gareth Evans:

“The Raid is not just an action movie, but there’s something to teach us all a power of a struggle, to survive”

Achievements/Awards Of The Raid:

  • The Cadillac people’s Choice Award ‘ for the category of Midnight Madness at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIIF) to-36.
  • The Best Film and Audience Award-Jameson Dublin International Film Festival in 2012.
  • The Raid also participated in the 2012 Sundance film festival and became one of the most preferred the Sundance Committee
  • 50 the film version IMDB action of all time . The raid was a 45 to 8.0 ratings , parallel to “Star Trek”,” The Adventure Of Robinhood”, “Avatar” , and “Pirates Of The Caribbean : The Curse Of The Black Pearl”.

Rating 8.0 obtained The Raid long before the film was broadcast (23/3/2012), this indicates that the second film Merantau Films still PT may be getting a high rating after the official was released. In addition, thanks to the success of The Raid at the Toronto Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival 2011, 2012, Sony Pictures will distribute the film back to the Hoodlums released in the United States. Hoodlums is the sequel to The Raid, which was directed by Gareth Evans.


For those of you fans of movie genre action, The Raid is a very right recommendation to accompany your relaxed time with relatives, girlfriends or family. Awards obtained prove that the rise of perfilm in Indonesia as International kanca we should proud of among the many films that posed the greatest spectacle of the motherland that uses ‘ sex ghost-ghost of misfortune ‘ as a shield. The Raid the best action movie. How do you think? 😆


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