The Strangest Soft Drink

Cow Urine Soft Drink, “Gau Jal”.

This drink made from cow urine. The Hindu Nationalist movement, said that the drink is currently in the process of the end of development. A drink made from cow urine is planned to be launched in 2009. According to the Chief developer of this drink, “Minuman finally will not smell like urine, and it will also favour”. “Gau Jal”, the name of which is planned this will mean cows water. According to the author, this drink will be able to compete with Pepsi and Coca Cola.

Ooww,,, does the flavor and color of the drink is almost the same as other carbonated beverage? 😕  May you not imagine this drink when you’re drinking Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Hhahhaahaa… 😀 .The most peculiar soft drink in the world. Uppsss,,,,, sorry,,, 😉

Placenta Beverages

Drink this one is absolutely not lawful. Jelly drink drink is made with the main ingredient placenta (ari-ari), with each bottle reaches the weight of 10,000 mg! Placenta regenerative ability is believed to have, especially to do with beauty and will be able to help your diet! The drink is also available in the size of the 400,000 mg also.

Jelly drink of placenta beverages pigs 😯 .In my opinion this nerd soft drink in the world. Create the Muslims who want to perform is always beautiful, ageless and don’t try to drink 👿 .Try drinking, sins are borne by themselves 😆 .Let alone want to diet, there are still many other ways are more healthy, true isn’t it? 💡

Pepsi Ice Cucumber.

Right, ice cucumber! in 2007, Pepsi launched a drink taste of cucumber in Japan. Indeed in the bottle is a combination cola and cucumber, but in reality, almost ga there is a sense in the cola drink, so it’s between sweet and fresh flavor fruit. But clearly, the cucumber is very dominate this drink.

Light refreshments strange , pepsi the sense of a cucumber 😕

Milk Mixed Beer (Beer Milk)

Hokkaido, Japan, one of the producers of drinks is just releasing low-malt beer with lizard mixed milk. This strange idea came from the son of a dairy industry owners. This product is two-thirds milk and one low-malt beer. The “new taste” of beer this similar fruit juice and very fitting with sugary foods. Hopefully this will be soft drink popular among women.

The odd drink mixed with milk. If usually soft drink we drink tea or coffee plus milk plus milk, there is now a beer plus milk. Maybe sort of beer which is healthy. 😆

Needs Made Of Cheeses

Drink this one made of cheese! In fact there are three flavors: blueberry, orange and yuzu. This drink maker using a special process to reduce the sweetness of this drink. Perhaps it could be compared with yogurt, sour special taste without Yogurt.

This seems like a great idea for those of you who don’t like the yogurt. 💡

Water Flavor Salad

Ideas from Coca-Cola. This “salad water” had six flavors. So it’s not just a joke, although until now has not been entered into our country Indonesia to substantiate it.

A great idea for those of you who are less consuming fruit and vegetables, let alone who don’t like vegetables. Drinks taste varied salad was great. Salubrious and worth a try. 🙂

Water Flavored Milk (BREAST MILK)

Instead of right BREAST MILK (breast milk), only drink with the taste of breast milk. It remains unclear, for whom the drink this one created.

Drink breast milk that strange and healthy all at once can be nostalgia for those of us who’ve grown up just being a baby. 🙂

Water Diet

With a taste like water! and half the calories of regular water.

Drinking water, soft drinks in claimed to have half of the usual calories calories. Where there is drinking water containing calories. 😕 According to sources obtained drinking water is much more expensive, but are in demand.

Pokka Melon Milk

Drinks are mixed between melon milk and sugar.

It seems the giving of names of liqueurs this makes people feel strange compared with just giving the name just juice cantaloupes usual . If this seems like a strange made. :-X


I apologize if my comment above, less fun.. 😆 😳 🙄


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