Research: Brushing My Teeth With Your Right Hand Is Dangerous!

Our brain is divided into two parts (hemisphere), i.e. right brain and left brain with different functions 🙄

Right Brain

Right brain function in the development of eq (emotional quotient), such as the terms of the equation, the delusion (imagination), creativity, shape or space, emotion, music and color, lateral thinking (parallel), intuitive thinking and feeling, unstructured, and tend not to think of things that are too detailed.

Right-brain memory is long term (long term memory). If there is a right-brain damage such as stroke or a brain tumor, brain function is impaired visual abilities and emotions are for example.


Left Brain

Left brain function as controllers iq (intelligence quotient) as difference, numbers, sequences, writing, language, count, analytical, mathematical, systematic, linear, neat, stage by stage, and logic.

The left brain is memory short term (short term memory). If there is damage to the left brain then there will be disruption in terms of functions of speech, language and mathematics.

Simply put, the right brain is Keflavík creativity and spontaneity. While the left brain is brain who likes to analyze and much consideration 😛


Then what to do with brushing my teeth with your right hand? 😕

According to experts, most of the people in the world living with brain rely more on his left. Why? 😕 From our little school taught arithmetic, think with logic, language. A little bit once music lessons, painting etc. This causes imbalance, that is more dominant than left brain right brain. When we live it took both to function optimally.

If so, the potential of the right brain will be weak and getting weaker. To that end, all teachers, professors, mentors, trainers when teaching must use strategy of involvement of the left and right brain to their students. One simple activity for those of us who have grown up to train right brain is to rub the teeth with your left hand.


Why is the left hand? 😕

The left hand is controlled by the right brain, while the right hand is controlled by the left brain. If you rub the teeth with your right hand, that’s tantamount to adding unnecessary domination on the left brain. The danger isn’t it? 😳

Another simple way is to take the goods, write, open the door, hold the remote, moves the mouse, typing in hp, turned on the tv button and other activities with your left hand.


Source: (at 9.38 AM)


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