A Collection Of Watches Of The Most Difficult-To-Read

During these hours we see the usual to indicate local time generally takes the form of an analog or digital, that is very easy to use in knowing time. However, it turns out there are a few hours have a way and a unique design in that show the local time. Want to know what sort of shape, model, design a unique clock? Let’s take a look together πŸ˜†

Equalizer High Frequency 2

High frequency is 2, this clock uses the theme of the Equalizer. agan must be quick to read time: screen push to line up the lights, which then floats back like the graphic equaliser to show the time only 5 seconds. Technically, High Frequency 2 is actually quite sophisticated Watch: this is an advanced LCD which uses only 1 LED lights to watch a whole, so power consumption is very low.

It seems very troublesome for users, unfamiliar πŸ˜• .but the clock is suitable for style.

e35 JLr7

Look at it carefully, and agan what happens with this clock. created by Eri & amp; Eiichi or e35, called JLr7 (just look at the top row of the hour. When agan wanted to find time now, simply press a button to watch the L-shaped notches grid flame. Hours, minutes, and seconds are encoded in geometric patterns. The first two lines are blazing, consisting of 12 lights, in use to determine ‘ the clock ‘. The next three lines specify the flame of multiples of 15 minutes, and 14th minutes, the next line of flame 1 minute each. Who was second last three.

Here’s how to read the time with e35 JLr7:

It took quick to read the clock. So, find fast guys πŸ˜‰


Watches using concentric rings to Oberon tells time. Each LED outside the ring indicate 1 hour. The LED on the second ring is 1 minute each, and those in the ring (or third) in, 10 minutes each.

This clock is very stylish. Fortunately, the LEDS are positioned exactly like the numbers on the face of the watch, so it’s really very easy to tell the time 😎

Β e35 Geomesh

Let us read this hour guys: see time with e35 where agan have to calculate vertical lights to find out hours and horizontal lights to minutes (either 5 minutes or 1 minute hike, depending on where the lights). Here’s how:

There are 9 horizontal (green) is lit, so 9: 00. Lamp 5 x 5 minutes every 4 x 1 minute every light bulb = 29.

Eleeno Kion Elite

If you look closer, you’ll reply nemuin that only this sole watches showing time minutes. So how do we know the hour? Turns out, it’s a way to see it: the pattern will be ‘ shows ‘ what time today (07: 50 am in picture above).

Tokyoflash 1000100101

If this is probably about the same hour in the sci-fi film from 1960 about the future. In addition to cool (LED blinking with lots of colors), this clock will make you learn math 😳

Whenever you want to find out what time is it now, you’ll have to do mental arithmetic πŸ™„ .the LED first is 10 hours, then the next 9 is 1 hour each. Next 5 is 10 minutes, then to 9 is 1 minute. So, 11: 35 am is 1000 100 30 5.

And don’t say that you will not use math in real life! πŸ˜†

Radioactive Active Reactor

By now, you’ve had to take a pattern: these watches require a mathematical formula to figure out the time. Not fancy, just a little extra. Active Radioactive Reactor adds a little humor to mathematics: hours marked on bar ‘ Danger ‘ (with a warning sign indicates the button 6 hours).


In Japan, the curved line, kyokusen means that a big part of the clock. The line tells the hours of time: every segment lit from the curve shows an hour. Circular Array light minutes. But here’s the twist: every point on the outer ring is 5 minutes, and 4 points in 1 minute each. So, look to the left shows 10: 24.

Twelve 5-9 Q version

This hour plasticity cool with β€œbiomechanical” the form of hours has the effect of surging contoured. Peering through the small strip of five is a 26 LED multi-color very bright light. As the name suggests, this clock uses the method 12-5-9 (12 hours, 5 minutes, 10 minutes single) to tell the time. Moving clockwise, the first two lines of the LEDS indicate hours. The next line is up to 50 minutes, with each lit LED display 10 minutes. The last two lines is one minute, with one LED for every minute.

So how does guys, do you want to own and collect various clocks with unique design? It is quite difficult to read, but this is a very classy watch for those of you who want to appear different πŸ˜†

Source: http://www.tahukahkamu.com (at 7:32 AM).


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