History Of Perfume (Do You Know?)

Tapputi, mentioned in tablet nailers Mesopotamia , the historical record widely regarded as the first chemist who was noted in the world . The chemist it lives in quite a lot of mesopotamia in accordance with the modern millennium 2 SM in Iraq . No information known about tapputi , another but she is an important figure in the history of chemistry . The oldest perfumery found in cyprus . An excavation 2005 found evidence of a plant that has existed since the beginning of the bronze age . Mill that is widely believed to have about 43.000 square feet , indicate that making perfumes done in an industrial scale large enough . Which , almost never heard in the bronze age.

A perfume of latin per fumum which means , “through smoke”.

Currently, many modern perfumes is grateful to Islamic culture for their existence. Islamic Alchemy and the chemistry is focused around the extraction of fragrances through steam distillation and also offers new materials for fragrances. Distillation method is still used in the production of perfumes and even in making chemicals. The introduction of a new aroma thanks largely to Arab and Persian traders, who through their network, merchants have access to different spices, herbs and other ingredients. Muslims are also a perfect first civilizations in cultivation outside of their native environment. Jasmine and citrus fruits in particular. Both are still used in the odor of perfume these days.

At the beginning of the 800, a scholar by the name of Iraq Al-Kindi performs a large number of experiments. This experiment combining various types of plants and oils to form the aroma products. It is not sold in bottles but as the recipe to produce perfume, skin care product and is considered as the father of the perfume industry.

Ibnu Sina a Persian muslim doctor was the first to extract oil from the flowers. The first try was his favorite flower, with roses. He managed to successfully extract oil from rose petals, and the name that Rose Water are still in use today.

Merchants from the Arab world arrived in Europe during the 1300, and they brought the first perfume. 1370 is the year that the alcohol produced the first modern perfume, which was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth of Hungary. Hungarian Water, name her perfume, remained popular until the 16th century, when Renaissance Italy produced Eau du Cologne.

In France 18th centuries , occurring profligacy perfume come from forefont , to drag off so bad . King Louis XV demanding luster different apartment daily , and napoleon famous for expenses for perfumery. Though that death Louis XVI bring the end to extravagance who instituted in France , the state is still trading center perfume , especially in Europe .

1900-Belle Epoque that turns into a luxury product with a prestigious name and the bottle is beautiful. This is a “Belle Époque”. The “Art Nouveau” shouted with enthusiasm. Coty, a talented visionary, working with the same talented Lalique, creating a product that is very luxurious. America saw the emergence of beauty care and cosmetics markets.

Source: Sepenggal Sejarah at Trans TV, episode Saturday 24 March 2012


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