All About Me (Softskill English Business 2)

Hello, my name is Lia Setianingsih, my friends call me “Lia”. But the first time was in high school, my friends prefer to call me “Acil”. Hhe… Either I am called by the term. Maybe at first when my English teacher made games puzzles English. At that time, who gets the last throw of the ball, he must fill in answers to puzzles games on the Board. Because one of my friends loves a mean person, he mentioned the number of absent me, then put the ball above the door of the classroom so I could not take it and over to my other friends. Obviously I can’t take the ball because I am less high. Hhee… It was my friends call me Acil (Anak Kecil) because my body was smaller than my other friends. But I am not angry with that designation. A term unique right? Hhee…

I was born 22 years ago, although both parents were native Javanese people, but I was born and raised in Jakarta. However, it is still in my home to communicate with the Java language. My sweet girl. My mom said when I was a kid, time I am happy in the photos. Because I love to perform in public, my mother often enroll me in the model of models for children. Never win once in the traditional fashion in order to race day kartini. Alhamdulillah…

By the way, I was the first child of three brothers. I have a younger sister and a younger brother. My sister currently sit in third grade of high school, and she want to continue studies in the Department of Occupational Therapy, Insya Alllah… And my younger brother seven years old, but he is now a man has not been able to walk since suffering a Cerebral Palsy (CP). But when he was one year old male has been able to walk, but at the age of 14 months he males undergo high fever  to seizures. Doctor told my brother experienced the motor nerve disorder, lucky my brother doesn’t suffer mentally disabled (not idiot).  and until now he males undergo physiotherapy and occupational therapy in Kiti Medika Gria. I strongly favored. We loved Radit!!

 My father, a private employee. He is very hard to educate her children, especially on me as the first child. While my mother was a housewife. She’s Smart cooking, and I’ve often taught cooking by my mother. When the later is busy being a career woman, should also be good at in the kitchen, it said my mother. Hhe…

Hhhmmm,,,, and I have special boy friend. I am dating with my special  boy friend for 3 years. I learn a lot from him, maturity, self-reliance, and motivation alive. The principle of our relationship is a SeJuTa (Setia, Jujur, Taqwa). Insya Allah…

I like reading novels or books or whatever gives you the motivation to live, watch movies, and collect wrapping paper.

For reading , i like the novel Islamic . I love novels best seller from the great writer, Habiburrahman El Shirazy , like the novel novel Ayat-Ayat Cinta, Ketika Cinta Bertasbih, Diatas Sajadah Cinta, and Dalam Mihrab Cinta. I love that because there is a message read novel about the values of the teachings of Islam. For movies , I love the romantic drama. Stairway To Heaven is the drama film romatic Korea my favorite . It was never bored to watch the DVD Stairway To Heaven . And I love too film True Love. Drama picked up from the Indonesian movie titled Cinta Sepanjang Amazon novel written by Mira. W.

For music, specially I like westlife songs, ranging from songs on the debut album of Westlife in 1999, the album Coast To Coast in 2000, the album Unbreakable, until now the album Gravity. I love song Westlife because songs sung always follow time progress and not bored to be heard.

And one more unique hobby of mine, namely collect various kinds of wrapping paper. Since high school I love to collect wrapping paper. Initially just to simply wrap book, but eventually I became interested to collection. But now my wrapping paper collection began to diminish. And I’m not hunting wrapping paper because it does not have much time.

Okay, that’s all about me…!! I am sorry if it is too much to say and convoluted. Thank you and see you later…!!


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