A Brief History Of The Toothbrush (Do You Know?)

Did you know that the habit of cleaning the teeth have started thousands of years ago by the Babylonians? History records that in the year 3500 BC, the ancient Babylonians had used chewingstick-which chewed to clean their teeth.

Not only the Babylonians, Asians and Africans also use chewingstick to clean their teeth. People of Asia and Africa typically use twigs, roots or part trees that have in turn was evaporated to be chewed. I so thought the grandmother in the village who likes to chew betel nut. In addition to utilizing the areca nut, betel reputedly at the time of the war used to be someone that Indonesia used bricks crushed to clean their teeth.

Those Chinese are trusted to use toothbrush for the first time in 1400s. don’t imagine a toothbrush are as usual we use today, at a time when it is created by using a toothbrush bristle porcupines are plugged in a bamboo stick or animal bone the size of a pencil.

While inventor concept toothbrush modern as we use today is a convict england called William Addis in prison He used bone that is hollowed out really small then filled it with fur-lined obtained from the warden . To not easily clear, William puts hairs it into one. Thanks to his find this william addis a multi-millionaire so out of prison.

Until the 1930s, people still use the bones and fur as the main ingredient in the toothbrush. Toothbrush using bone mass produced livestock and wild boar that lived in the region of Siberia and China. Unfortunately these feathers are rated not efficient and hygienic. Not rarely the feathers that fell out when people are brushing them. As a substitute for bones and fur, fluffy toothbrush nylon produced the first time by an American company called Du Pont in 1938.

Now we can find a toothbrush with a variety of shapes and sizes in the grocery stalls near the House. Anyone have a great brush heads, there is a hairy brush zig-zag, and there is also an electronic toothbrush that utilizes power battery. Lucky we live in these days, because we do not need to use a toothbrush hairy Hedgehog.


Source: http://www.kaskus.us/showthread.php?t=10956882


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