Synopsis Stairway To Heaven (Korean Drama)

Han Jung-suh and her best friend, Cha Song-joo are childhood friends and have a special bond that blossoms into love. They both share the pain of losing a loved one: Song-joo’s father died in a traffic accident and Jung-suh’s mother dies of cancer. Jung-suh’s father marries an actress and brings her real daughter, Han Yoori, and her son, Han Tae-hwa. Yoori is jealous of Jung-Suh and would make her look terrible in front of her mother who begins to turn on Jung-suh. When Jung-suh’s father left for work, her stepmother assaulted Jung-Suh. She thwarted Jung-suh’s attempts to study abroad with Song Joo, who then left to America to study abroad alone. Her stepmother plotted for Yoori, to win the affections of Song Joo. All the while, Jung-suh tried to be nice to her step brother, Tae-Hwa, who mistook this friendship for affection and falls in love with her.

Three years later, Song-joo comes back from America and Jung-suh rushes to greet him. A jealous Yoori tries to stop them from reuniting. As they race to the airport, Yoori intentionally runs her over with her car. Jung-suh is taken to the hospital where a group of people had just died in fire. Yoori swaps Jung-suh’s ID with one of the people to fake her death. She took the real Jung-suh to her biological father’s home. Tae-Hwa, still in love with Jung-suh, finds out what Yoori had done, but saw the accident as a chance to run away with Jung-suh. Jung-suh loses her memory, and Tae-Hwa moves them away and changes their names.

Five years later, Yoori is soon to be engaged to Song Joo. Song Joo decides that he needs to let go of Jung-suh. He goes to the carousel they used to ride as children and whispers a wish to see Jung-suh just once more. He looks up and sees her on the carousel. Jung-suh, now named Kim Ji-soo works at a small clothing shop while living with Tae-Hwa, now named Chun-soo. Song Joo rushes to Ji-soo and tells her that she is Jung-suh, but she doesn’t believe him. Song Joo is determined to make her remember her past and through a series of events, he and Jung-suh become close.

One day, Jung-suh regains her memory when Yoori nearly hits her with her car again. She rushes to tell Song Joo. She forgives Tae-Hwa as she knew he did it out of love. Jung-suh and Song Joo are happy together, until she discovers she has eye cancer. She asks Tae-Hwa to take her away from Song Joo, since she can’t bear to see him in pain. Gradually, Jung-suh’s vision deteriorates into blindness. Tae-Hwa tells Song Joo and his family the truth. Yoori is arrested and her mother becomes crazy, going to a mental hospital.

Song Joo marries Jung-suh, who is now blind, with the blessing of his and her parents. Jung-suh tells Tae-Hwa that her one wish is to see Song Joo’s face one last time. Both Song Joo and Tae-Hwa ask a doctor to let them give Jung-suh one of their corneas, but the doctor tells them that they can’t take corneas from live donors. Tae-Hwa wants to grant her wish at all costs and commits suicide in order to donate his cornea to her. He creates a car accident to cause his death. After his death, Jung-suh had the operation and is able to see again. However, Song Joo finds out about Tae-Hwa’s death and later on tells Jung-suh. The doctor stated that the tumor has spread to her brain and she has no chance of living. Jung-suh realizing this forgives Tae-Miri (her evil stepmother) and Yoori because of Tae-Hwa. Both Yoori and Tae-Miri feel remorse and apolegetic for Jung-suh. Jung-suh dies a few days later from the same uncurable illness as her mother, at the seaside near her childhood house, in the arms of Song-Joo. The ending scene reverts back to the beginning scene where Song-Joo plays his piano by the ocean of the memorable beach house. He says something like, “that person (Tae-Hwa) might have loved that girl (Jung-suh) more, but i still love her.”

The main cast stairway to heaven :

Kwon Sang-woo as Cha Song-ju (adolescence portrayed by Bae Seong-hyeon). Rich, handsome, and true to its first love, not many men that have the character looks like. This young man is also not shy to work hard so that his goals are achieved, and never stop believing that Jung-suh loved was still alive. Although sometimes indifferent and abusive, but her love is so deep, so it to the point that he does not care to all snag blocking their relationship.

Choi ji-woo as han jung-suh / kim ji-su ( the teenager played by park shin-hye ) . Luck as if not lived since met with the family han ( especially mira and yuri ) even the hope of the school of foreign affairs with song-ju cancelled out by the mother ‘s half . Growing up as the girl didn ‘t believe it myself , the memory was lost its make it more stubborn and courage against the torture mira . He also fulfill the promise love his sacred in song-ju , separated by only death.

Shin Hyeon-joon as Han Tae-hwa/Han Chul-su (adolescence portrayed by Lee Wan). Feeling himself unworthy to meet Jung-suh, this young man’s life under the pressure of the mother who does not appreciate his artistic talent. Decided to escape and stayed with his father, he was terrified when Jung-suh’s missing memories continue to be brought to meet with fate Song-ju. Aware that the two love each other and cannot be separated, ultimately he sacrificed himself for the happiness of her half-sister.

Kim Tae-hee as Han Yuri (adolescence portrayed by Park Ji-mi) grew up in the middle of a messy family plus a strong influence of the mother, the girl was incarnated into personal self-serving and devious. He didn’t even hesitate harm his own older brother know when getting his dream Song-ju bakal was wrecked. Back to use the various ways to overthrow Jung-suh’s missing memories, Yuri finally had to pay dearly for all the evil deeds.

Lee Hui-hyang as Tae Mira his fears to poverty makes this middle-aged woman turned into a greedy, covetous person, and does not hesitate to use all means that the goal is reached. He also taught the children the ways of Crafty to outwit Song-ju and Jung-suh, however in the end it all turned around. Besides the goal is not reached, he must also lost both his tragic manner.


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