WESTLIFE: My Favorite Boyband

Pop band Westlife is the origin of Ireland which originally consisted of Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan, Mark Feehily, Shane Filan and Bryan McFadden. However, one of the band’s style, Brian McFadden, then decided to quit the group, formed on 3 July 1998. Despite losing Bryan, Westlife persist to this day, although the current careers they are secemerlang when the newly formed band. Bryan himself decided out of Westlife’s membership on March 9, 2004 by reason of wanting more time with his wife, Kerry Katona, who was the former Atomic Kitten. But finally, Bryan and Kerry parted ways, and Bryan also replace spelling his name to Brian.


Singles, videos and compilation album Westlife sold 44 million records around the world. The Band first appeared in 1998 while the concert along with the band Boyzone and Backstreet Boys in Dublin. In March 1999, the band released their first singe titled Swear It Again in the top charts in Ireland and the UK in two weeks and followed the release of their second single titled “If I Let You Go about the same time with the Flying Without Wings, which became the soundtrack for the film POKÉMON: The Movie 2000.

Their first Album titled WESTLIFE was released in November 1999 and entered into the second list in the UK. A month later, a fourth single titled “I Have A Dream was released followed by the last five singles entitled Fool Again. Westlife tour to Asia to support their debut album that was released before the second, COAST TO COAST, which includes a duet with Mariah Carey on the Song My Love.

Westlife released their third album in November 2001, the WORLD OF OUR OWN and the song was released as a single that is Uptown Girl, Queen of My Heart and World of Our Own. After that second time Westlife held a tour. In the release of their single, Unbreakable, the eleven sounds also rumors about the split of the band and the tour their third album in The Greatest Hits Tour. Bryan McFadden left Westlife almost simultaneously with the fourth album Westlife tour in 2004 and stayed with his family as well as the single career. Brian pulled out many singles and gained success in his single career.

In 2007, the band released the album THE LOVE ALBUM entitled 8 by becoming the first order in the UK Music Charts. As of January 2009, a DVD entitled The Karaoke Collection was released and in March they won the 2009 Meteor Awards top honors as the best Ireland pop music performer. They are also included in a charity concert for Haiti with a rendition of their single in 2010 entitled Everybody Hurts. Their latest Album in 2010 entitled GRAVITY also successfully released the production promo tour in 2011.

The year 2011 , they are back of the spawn the new album who was a collection of hits their best . An album westlife : the coronet of the greatest hits ( 2011 ) as well as the mark of their existence in a world which is still able to create , music. see the name and populernya westlife in domains of music , no one believed if they come back to do a concert in indonesia in this year.


  • WESTLIFE (1999)
  • TURNAROUND (2003)
  • FACE TO FACE (2005)
  • THE LOVE ALBUM (2006)
  • BACK HOME (2007)
  • WHERE WE ARE (2009)
  • GRAVITY (2010)


Nicky Byrne Biography

Full Name: Nicholas Bernard James Adam Byrne
Date of birth: 9th October 1978
Star Sign: Libra
Place of birth: Dublin
School: Returned to Plunkit College after spending two years with Leeds Football Club
Where do you live now: Baldoyle – Dublin with my parents
Colour of eyes: Blue
Height: 5ft 9 and a half
Inside leg measurement: 30 1/2
Chest: 38-40
Shoe size: 7 1/2
Any tattoos: A Celtic design that goes across his lower back
Scars/marks: Scar on right elbow
Family: parents Nicholas and Yvonne, one sister Gillian and one brother Adam


Mark Feehily Biography

Full Name: Mark Michael Patrick Feehily
Date of birth: 28th May 1980
Star sign: Gemini
Place of birth: Sligo, Ireland
School: Summer Hill College
Colour of eyes: Blue
Height: 5ft 10 1/2
Inside Leg Measurement: 31 1/2
Chest: 41
Shoe size: 9 1/2
Any tattoos: Nope
Scars/marks: he has a mole, on the right side of his lower neck
Family: parents Oliver and Marie, two younger brothers Barry and Colin and a dog called Snoopy
Previous jobs: Pizza delivery, photo lab assistant
Singing since: since he can remember


Kian Egan Biography

Full Name: Kian John Francis Egan
Date of birth: 29th April 1980
Star sign: Taurus
Place of birth: Sligo, Ireland
School: Summer Hill College
Where do you live now: On the road
Colour of eyes: Blue
Height: 5ft 10
Inside Leg Measurement: 31
Chest: 40
Shoe size: 8
Any tattoos: a chinese symbol meaning spirit/soul on his left ankle
Scars/marks: Small scar on face (right cheek)
Family: parents Kevin and Patricia, three brothers: Gavin, Tom, Colm and three sisters: Viv, Fenella, Marielle


Shane Filan Biography

Full Name: Shane Steven Filan
Date of birth: 5th July 1979, 12:34 pm
Star sign: Cancer
Place of birth: Sligo, Ireland
School: Summer Hill College, Sligo
Where do you live now: Sligo / on the road with band
Height: 5ft 8
Colour of eyes: Hazel green
Any tattoos: No
Scars/marks: No
Inside Leg Measurement : 32
Chest : 38
Shoe size: 9
Family: parents Peter and Mae, three brothers: Finbarr (30), Peter (29), Liam (27), three sisters: Yvonne (28), Denise (23), Mairead (21)
Previous Jobs: Hardware store
Singing since: A baby


Synopsis The Raid Movie

Latest movie reviews on this blog will discuss about successful film won several international awards, including The Raid. Films directed by Gareth Huw Evans also involves top-tier musicians Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park, one of the personnel and Joseph Trapanese is a talented composer who did Walt Disney movie Tron: Legacy (2010).

Genre action/action Film tells the story of a journey of 20-Member forces in pursuing the Mission of capturing the draconian named TAMA airport locations in a building 30 floors are untouched apparatus. The building also housed the killers, rapist, and the thief took refuge in search of somewhere to stay safe.

SWAT team to start its mission in the morning blind with quietly penetrated into the building and controlling each floor they climb, but the catastrophe happened when they were spotted by lookouts and assault they eventually TAMA was dismantled. From his penthouse suite, TAMA instructs his men to lock the apartment building and the lights and shut down all access to exit the building.

They (SWAT teams) stuck on the floor 6 without communication and is attacked by the inhabitants of the apartment that was ordered by TAMA. They’ll have to fight through each floor and each room to complete their mission of capturing King Airport drugs in the building. In addition to complete a mission, they are also struggling to remain alive.


The Cast Of The Film The Raid:

Ray Sahetapi as Tama “Drug King Airport”

Yayan Ruhian as Mad Dog “right hand Tama”

Pierre Gruno as Wahyu “Captain of the SWAT team”

Joe Taslim as members of SWAT teams

Ananda George as a member of the SWAT team

Verdi Solaiman as members of SWAT teams


According to the Director and screenwriter of The Raid, Gareth Evans:

“The Raid is not just an action movie, but there’s something to teach us all a power of a struggle, to survive”

Achievements/Awards Of The Raid:

  • The Cadillac people’s Choice Award ‘ for the category of Midnight Madness at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIIF) to-36.
  • The Best Film and Audience Award-Jameson Dublin International Film Festival in 2012.
  • The Raid also participated in the 2012 Sundance film festival and became one of the most preferred the Sundance Committee
  • 50 the film version IMDB action of all time . The raid was a 45 to 8.0 ratings , parallel to “Star Trek”,” The Adventure Of Robinhood”, “Avatar” , and “Pirates Of The Caribbean : The Curse Of The Black Pearl”.

Rating 8.0 obtained The Raid long before the film was broadcast (23/3/2012), this indicates that the second film Merantau Films still PT may be getting a high rating after the official was released. In addition, thanks to the success of The Raid at the Toronto Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival 2011, 2012, Sony Pictures will distribute the film back to the Hoodlums released in the United States. Hoodlums is the sequel to The Raid, which was directed by Gareth Evans.


For those of you fans of movie genre action, The Raid is a very right recommendation to accompany your relaxed time with relatives, girlfriends or family. Awards obtained prove that the rise of perfilm in Indonesia as International kanca we should proud of among the many films that posed the greatest spectacle of the motherland that uses ‘ sex ghost-ghost of misfortune ‘ as a shield. The Raid the best action movie. How do you think? 😆

Brownies Pudding Recipe

Pudding brownies is that recipe will be shared to you all. Pudding this one is one menu pudding my favorites, besides it tastes so tasty and fresh also how it makes it too complicated. Well, the materials required are as follows:


Fresh Bread, 5 sheets

The milk, 1 liter

Liquid gelatin powder, 1 ½ packs

instant Jelly, 1 teaspoon

Salt, ¼ teaspoon

Sugar, 200 gr

Cocoa powder, 25 gr

100 grams of concentrated ripe Brown, cut or sliced

1 egg yolk granules

Walnut, 50 grams of roasted peanuts

Material for the sauce:

Liquid milk, 500 ml

Sugar, 60 gr

5 tablespoons cornstarch, dissolved in 5 tablespoons water

1 egg yolk granules

 How to make:

  1. Buns blended with milk, gelatin powder, salt, sugar, cocoa powder, chocolate chunks and Cook, until smooth.
  2. Cook or boil over low heat while stir until boil, then turn off the fire.
  3. Take a little dough, then mix with the yolks, stir.
  4. Turn on low heat, pour the solution into the last egg batter, stir-stir until boiling, lift.
  5. Then stir in nuts (parts only), stir.
  6. And pour the dough into loaves already prepared before , sow then the rest of the pea and chill in refrigerators about 2 hours till pudding exsolution perfect.

For Vla:

Boil sugar and milk the liquid to boil, thicken with the cornstarch solution, stirring slowly and cook until thickened, add egg yolk (when there are add essens vanilla), stir until boil. Lift.

The Strangest Soft Drink

Cow Urine Soft Drink, “Gau Jal”.

This drink made from cow urine. The Hindu Nationalist movement, said that the drink is currently in the process of the end of development. A drink made from cow urine is planned to be launched in 2009. According to the Chief developer of this drink, “Minuman finally will not smell like urine, and it will also favour”. “Gau Jal”, the name of which is planned this will mean cows water. According to the author, this drink will be able to compete with Pepsi and Coca Cola.

Ooww,,, does the flavor and color of the drink is almost the same as other carbonated beverage? 😕  May you not imagine this drink when you’re drinking Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Hhahhaahaa… 😀 .The most peculiar soft drink in the world. Uppsss,,,,, sorry,,, 😉

Placenta Beverages

Drink this one is absolutely not lawful. Jelly drink drink is made with the main ingredient placenta (ari-ari), with each bottle reaches the weight of 10,000 mg! Placenta regenerative ability is believed to have, especially to do with beauty and will be able to help your diet! The drink is also available in the size of the 400,000 mg also.

Jelly drink of placenta beverages pigs 😯 .In my opinion this nerd soft drink in the world. Create the Muslims who want to perform is always beautiful, ageless and don’t try to drink 👿 .Try drinking, sins are borne by themselves 😆 .Let alone want to diet, there are still many other ways are more healthy, true isn’t it? 💡

Pepsi Ice Cucumber.

Right, ice cucumber! in 2007, Pepsi launched a drink taste of cucumber in Japan. Indeed in the bottle is a combination cola and cucumber, but in reality, almost ga there is a sense in the cola drink, so it’s between sweet and fresh flavor fruit. But clearly, the cucumber is very dominate this drink.

Light refreshments strange , pepsi the sense of a cucumber 😕

Milk Mixed Beer (Beer Milk)

Hokkaido, Japan, one of the producers of drinks is just releasing low-malt beer with lizard mixed milk. This strange idea came from the son of a dairy industry owners. This product is two-thirds milk and one low-malt beer. The “new taste” of beer this similar fruit juice and very fitting with sugary foods. Hopefully this will be soft drink popular among women.

The odd drink mixed with milk. If usually soft drink we drink tea or coffee plus milk plus milk, there is now a beer plus milk. Maybe sort of beer which is healthy. 😆

Needs Made Of Cheeses

Drink this one made of cheese! In fact there are three flavors: blueberry, orange and yuzu. This drink maker using a special process to reduce the sweetness of this drink. Perhaps it could be compared with yogurt, sour special taste without Yogurt.

This seems like a great idea for those of you who don’t like the yogurt. 💡

Water Flavor Salad

Ideas from Coca-Cola. This “salad water” had six flavors. So it’s not just a joke, although until now has not been entered into our country Indonesia to substantiate it.

A great idea for those of you who are less consuming fruit and vegetables, let alone who don’t like vegetables. Drinks taste varied salad was great. Salubrious and worth a try. 🙂

Water Flavored Milk (BREAST MILK)

Instead of right BREAST MILK (breast milk), only drink with the taste of breast milk. It remains unclear, for whom the drink this one created.

Drink breast milk that strange and healthy all at once can be nostalgia for those of us who’ve grown up just being a baby. 🙂

Water Diet

With a taste like water! and half the calories of regular water.

Drinking water, soft drinks in claimed to have half of the usual calories calories. Where there is drinking water containing calories. 😕 According to sources obtained drinking water is much more expensive, but are in demand.

Pokka Melon Milk

Drinks are mixed between melon milk and sugar.

It seems the giving of names of liqueurs this makes people feel strange compared with just giving the name just juice cantaloupes usual . If this seems like a strange made. :-X


I apologize if my comment above, less fun.. 😆 😳 🙄


Source: http://www.tahukahkamu.com (at 11.20 AM)

Research: Brushing My Teeth With Your Right Hand Is Dangerous!

Our brain is divided into two parts (hemisphere), i.e. right brain and left brain with different functions 🙄

Right Brain

Right brain function in the development of eq (emotional quotient), such as the terms of the equation, the delusion (imagination), creativity, shape or space, emotion, music and color, lateral thinking (parallel), intuitive thinking and feeling, unstructured, and tend not to think of things that are too detailed.

Right-brain memory is long term (long term memory). If there is a right-brain damage such as stroke or a brain tumor, brain function is impaired visual abilities and emotions are for example.


Left Brain

Left brain function as controllers iq (intelligence quotient) as difference, numbers, sequences, writing, language, count, analytical, mathematical, systematic, linear, neat, stage by stage, and logic.

The left brain is memory short term (short term memory). If there is damage to the left brain then there will be disruption in terms of functions of speech, language and mathematics.

Simply put, the right brain is Keflavík creativity and spontaneity. While the left brain is brain who likes to analyze and much consideration 😛


Then what to do with brushing my teeth with your right hand? 😕

According to experts, most of the people in the world living with brain rely more on his left. Why? 😕 From our little school taught arithmetic, think with logic, language. A little bit once music lessons, painting etc. This causes imbalance, that is more dominant than left brain right brain. When we live it took both to function optimally.

If so, the potential of the right brain will be weak and getting weaker. To that end, all teachers, professors, mentors, trainers when teaching must use strategy of involvement of the left and right brain to their students. One simple activity for those of us who have grown up to train right brain is to rub the teeth with your left hand.


Why is the left hand? 😕

The left hand is controlled by the right brain, while the right hand is controlled by the left brain. If you rub the teeth with your right hand, that’s tantamount to adding unnecessary domination on the left brain. The danger isn’t it? 😳

Another simple way is to take the goods, write, open the door, hold the remote, moves the mouse, typing in hp, turned on the tv button and other activities with your left hand.


Source: http://www.tahukahkamu.com (at 9.38 AM)

A Collection Of Watches Of The Most Difficult-To-Read

During these hours we see the usual to indicate local time generally takes the form of an analog or digital, that is very easy to use in knowing time. However, it turns out there are a few hours have a way and a unique design in that show the local time. Want to know what sort of shape, model, design a unique clock? Let’s take a look together 😆

Equalizer High Frequency 2

High frequency is 2, this clock uses the theme of the Equalizer. agan must be quick to read time: screen push to line up the lights, which then floats back like the graphic equaliser to show the time only 5 seconds. Technically, High Frequency 2 is actually quite sophisticated Watch: this is an advanced LCD which uses only 1 LED lights to watch a whole, so power consumption is very low.

It seems very troublesome for users, unfamiliar 😕 .but the clock is suitable for style.

e35 JLr7

Look at it carefully, and agan what happens with this clock. created by Eri & amp; Eiichi or e35, called JLr7 (just look at the top row of the hour. When agan wanted to find time now, simply press a button to watch the L-shaped notches grid flame. Hours, minutes, and seconds are encoded in geometric patterns. The first two lines are blazing, consisting of 12 lights, in use to determine ‘ the clock ‘. The next three lines specify the flame of multiples of 15 minutes, and 14th minutes, the next line of flame 1 minute each. Who was second last three.

Here’s how to read the time with e35 JLr7:

It took quick to read the clock. So, find fast guys 😉


Watches using concentric rings to Oberon tells time. Each LED outside the ring indicate 1 hour. The LED on the second ring is 1 minute each, and those in the ring (or third) in, 10 minutes each.

This clock is very stylish. Fortunately, the LEDS are positioned exactly like the numbers on the face of the watch, so it’s really very easy to tell the time 😎

 e35 Geomesh

Let us read this hour guys: see time with e35 where agan have to calculate vertical lights to find out hours and horizontal lights to minutes (either 5 minutes or 1 minute hike, depending on where the lights). Here’s how:

There are 9 horizontal (green) is lit, so 9: 00. Lamp 5 x 5 minutes every 4 x 1 minute every light bulb = 29.

Eleeno Kion Elite

If you look closer, you’ll reply nemuin that only this sole watches showing time minutes. So how do we know the hour? Turns out, it’s a way to see it: the pattern will be ‘ shows ‘ what time today (07: 50 am in picture above).

Tokyoflash 1000100101

If this is probably about the same hour in the sci-fi film from 1960 about the future. In addition to cool (LED blinking with lots of colors), this clock will make you learn math 😳

Whenever you want to find out what time is it now, you’ll have to do mental arithmetic 🙄 .the LED first is 10 hours, then the next 9 is 1 hour each. Next 5 is 10 minutes, then to 9 is 1 minute. So, 11: 35 am is 1000 100 30 5.

And don’t say that you will not use math in real life! 😆

Radioactive Active Reactor

By now, you’ve had to take a pattern: these watches require a mathematical formula to figure out the time. Not fancy, just a little extra. Active Radioactive Reactor adds a little humor to mathematics: hours marked on bar ‘ Danger ‘ (with a warning sign indicates the button 6 hours).


In Japan, the curved line, kyokusen means that a big part of the clock. The line tells the hours of time: every segment lit from the curve shows an hour. Circular Array light minutes. But here’s the twist: every point on the outer ring is 5 minutes, and 4 points in 1 minute each. So, look to the left shows 10: 24.

Twelve 5-9 Q version

This hour plasticity cool with “biomechanical” the form of hours has the effect of surging contoured. Peering through the small strip of five is a 26 LED multi-color very bright light. As the name suggests, this clock uses the method 12-5-9 (12 hours, 5 minutes, 10 minutes single) to tell the time. Moving clockwise, the first two lines of the LEDS indicate hours. The next line is up to 50 minutes, with each lit LED display 10 minutes. The last two lines is one minute, with one LED for every minute.

So how does guys, do you want to own and collect various clocks with unique design? It is quite difficult to read, but this is a very classy watch for those of you who want to appear different 😆

Source: http://www.tahukahkamu.com (at 7:32 AM).

Softskill Meeting 3 (English Business)

1)      Which of the following is NOT true?

a)      Winners placed olive wreaths on their own heads.

b)      The games were held in Greece every four years.

c)      Battles were interrupted to participate in the games.

d)      Poem glorified the winners in song.

The answer: c) Battles were interrupted to participate in the games. Because it is described in paragraph; “The contest coincided with religious festivities and constituted an all-out effort on the part of the participants to please the gods”.

2)     The word “elite” in line 5 is closest in meaning to….

a)      Aristocracy.

b)      Brave.

c)      Intellectuals.

d)      Muscular.

The answer: a) Aristocracy. Because aristocracy and elite has the same meaning, aristocracy it means “kaum ningrat or bangsawan” and elite it means “golongan atas or orang-orang terkemuka”.

3)      Why were the Olympic Games held?

a)       To stop wars.

b)       To honor Zeus.

c)       To crown the best athletes.

d)       To sing songs about the athletes.

The answer : b) To honor Zeus. Because in the first sentence of the one paragraph be explained that; “…the first Olympic Games were held at the foot of Mount Olympus to honor the Greek’s chief god, Zeus”.

4)      Approximately how many years ago did these games originate?

a)       800 years.

b)      1200 years.

c)      2300 years.

d)      2800 years.

The answer : d) 2800 years.  Because the first year the Olympic Games held in 776 BC until now 2012, so the Olympic Games happen since 2012 + 776 = 2788 years or approximately 2800 years ago.

5)      What conclusion can we draw about the ancient Greeks?

a)       They were pacifists.

b)       They believed athletic events were important.

c)       They were very simple.

d)       They couldn’t count, so they used “Olympiads” for dates.

The answer : b) They believed athletic events were important. Because in the first sentence of the second paragraph be explained that; “The Greeks attached so much importance to the games that they calculated time in four-year cycles called “Olympiads,” dating from 776 BC.”

6)       What is the main idea of this passage?

a)       Physical fitness was an integral part of the lives of the ancient Greeks.

b)      The Greeks severely punished those who did not participate in physical fitness programs.

c)       The Greeks had always encouraged everyone to participate in the games.

d)      The Greeks had the games coincide with religious festivities so that they could go back to war when the games were over.

The answer : a) Physical fitness was an integral part of the lives of the ancient Greeks. Because this article narrating about Olympic Games which important for the ancient Greeks.

7)      In line 14, the word “deeds” is closest in meaning to….

a)      Accomplishments.

b)     Ancestors.

d)     Documents.

d)     Property.

The answer:  a) Accomplishments. Because the meaning of deeds is the “tindakan or perbuatan”. In a sentence or it can be too are defined by accomplishments that is literally meant “penyelesaian, prestasi, or kemahiran”.

8)      Which of the following was ultimately required of all athletes competing in the Olympics?

a)      They must have completed military service.

b)      They had to attend special training sessions.

c)      They had to be Greek males with no criminal record.

d)      They had to be very religious.

The answer:  c) They had to be Greek males with no criminal record. Because in the first paragraph be explained  “the games were open to all free Greek males who had no criminal record”.

9)      The word “halted” in line 16 means most nearly the same as…

a)      Encourages.

b)      Started.

c)      Curtailed.

d)      Fixed.

The answer:  c)  Curtailed. Because the meaning of the halted is “berhenti” in the sentence above, it can also mean a curtailed have meaning “membatasi or mengurangi”. So, curtailed means the most nearly the same as halted.

10)    What is an “Olympiad”?

a)       The time it took to finish the games.

b)       The time between games.

c)       The it took to finish a war.

d)       The time it took the athletes to train.

The answer: b) The time between games. Because the synonym of Olympiad is the modern revival of the ancient games held once every four years in a selected country. So, an Olympiad it could also be interpreted as the time between games.


1)      The defendant refused to answer the prosecutor’s questions _____

a)      Because he was afraid it would incriminate him.

b)      For fear that they will incriminate him.

c)      Because he was afraid that his answers would incriminate him.

d)      Fearing that he will be incriminated by it.

The answer: c) Because he was afraid that his answers would incriminate him. Because there is a word on the matter “question” that is the plural form. So the answer is C, because this answer is plural form.

2)      Mrs. Walker has returned _____

a)      A wallet back to its original owner.

b)      To its original owner the wallet.

c)      The wallet to its originally owner.

d)      The wallet to its original owner.

The answer: d) The wallet to its original owner. Because the word “return” is followed by the word “to” and “owner” followed with the adverb.

3)      The hospital owes _____ for the construction of the new wing.

a)      The government twenty million dollars.

b)      For the government twenty million dollars.

c)      To the government twenty million dollars.

d)      Twenty million of dollars to the government

The answer: d) Twenty million of dollars to the government. Because, in the question above in Indonesian mean is “Rumah sakit berhutang dua puluh juta dollar pada pemerintah untuk membangun cabang yang baru”.  There is a complete independent and dependent clause.

4)      Sarah _____ that she could not attend classes next week

a)      Told to her professors.

b)      Said her professors.

c)      Told her professors.

d)      Is telling her professors.

The answer: d) Is telling her professors. The tenses is must be present continuous because the event is happening now, that sarah is telling her professor about her presence matter for the next week class.

5)      The artist was asked to show some paintings at the contest because _____

a)      He painted very good.

b)     They believed he painted well.

c)     Of their belief that he was an good artist.

d)     The judges had been told of his talents.

The answer: d) The judges had been told of his talents. Because there is a sequence of tense, simple past tense in; “The artist was asked to show some paintings at the contest; with past perfect tense in; “The judges had been told of his talents”. And also the perfect combination of dependent – independent clause.

6)     If motorists do not observe the traffic regulations, they will be stopped, ticketed, and have to pay a fine.

The correct answers: If motorists do not observe the traffic regulations, they will be stopped, ticketed, and fined.

The reason:  The sentence must be parallelism.  “stopped” and “ticketed” is verb, so must be followed by verb too but “have to pay a fine” is a clause.  Then change it with verb “fined”.

7)      Fred, who usually conducts the choir rehearsals, did not show up last night because he had  an accident on his way to the practice.

The correct answers: Fred, who usually conducts the choir rehearsals, did not show up last night because he had had an accident on his way to the practice.

The reason:  We should use the past perfect tense to emphasize that an action in the past finished before another action in the past started.  And the accident is already happen before he show up conducts the choir rehearsals.

8)      A short time before her operation last month, Mrs. Carlyle dreams of her daughter who lives overseas.

The correct answer: A short time before her operation last month, Mrs. Carlyle  had dreamed  of her daughter who lives overseas.

The reason: Because “the dream process” is perfectly “finish”, so we should use the past perfect tense.

9)      The atmosphere in Andalucia is open, warm, and gives a welcome feeling to all who have the good fortune to visit there.

The correct answer: The atmosphere in Andalucia is open, warm, and welcome to all who have the good fortune to visit there.

The reason: The sentence above must be parallelism. Open and warm, both of them are adjective.  So must be following with adjective too. Gives a welcome feeling is a new clause. Change it with welcome.

10)    Some of the people were standing in the street watched the parade, while others were singing songs.

The correct answer: Some of the people were standing in the street watching the parade, while others were singing songs.

The reason:  Because of this sentence, then the past participle verb use verb-ing, so changed to watching (verb-ing).